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Our attendants Bianca and Shermima prepared breakfast every morning, brought dinner in the evenings, and made sure to attend to little details (like a special dinner on the Sunset Deck for our anniversary).We stayed in the Zabuco II and it was beautiful- my husband even commented that it was the first hotel we have stayed that was actually nicer in person than the pictures on the website suggested.Before our stay, Merlinda helped us plan activities, and they were all fantastic.

My wife had a few bug bites and security drove to the store that evening to get calamine lotion, and this is just one example of their ability to go above and beyond.Upon arrival at the airport we were greeted by Gilbert and a beautiful sunset drive to Secret Bay filled with great stories, local knowledge, and Kubuli Beer and fruit snacks.The staff was just incredible from start to finish (literally- Rowrey’s Taxi waited with us at airport to make sure we got through security without a hassle! So, let me begin by saying that the pictures of the property and villa’s do it no justice. We arrived to a stocked fridge and dinner on the front porch.“This resort is truly dedicated to making every guest’s experience perfect.I would compare the service here to a five star beach hotel anywhere else in the world.

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Knowing we only had a week for our honeymoon we concentrated on the Caribbean to maximize our time on vacation. Lucia but almost half the people we know have honeymooned there or a similar, more frequently traveled island with all-inclusive packages, gates, and crowds.