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Ligitimate online dating service

The website is open to both singles and couples who are looking to be ‘swingers’ with other couples.Members can be from any kind of sexual orientation and are not discriminated against based upon their personal wants and needs.These users won’t know that you have added them to your list but you’ll be able to gain easy access to their profile and can check up on them if you are sincerely interested in them.Well also has a ‘friends’ features allowing you to send a message or a ‘friend request’ asking members who you already know or have privately messaged before to become your ‘friend on the website.In order to not have this personal information of yours tampered with or to be possibly a victim of credit card fraud, it’s important to consider the background of this website and if they are giving you the whole truth or nothing but lies.If you would like to contact the Well website, there are a few different ways to do so.There are actual cases of this fraudulent behavior having been committed by this website in the past and it would be wise to be forewarned about it before you decide to sign-up.It’s important to be warned about these cases before it’s too late and you get taken advantage of.

If you’re not able to hop on a plane and head over to Cyprus, Well also has two e-mail addresses as contact links listed on their website. In addition, there’s also a phone number that Well gives out to its’ members if there is a cause for concern about the site’s ‘Terms of Use’ or its’ policies.

It’s easier than ever to find those online dating websites and applications, which specifically cater to those single men or women who are looking for a more casual and laid back experience without any strings attached.

There are mobile dating applications such as Tinder or Bumble that are perfect for this kind of arrangement or more formal websites such as OKCupid or Plenty of Fish that also appeal to those folks who are looking for a more casual dating experience.

If they say yes, then you’ll be able to have them on your friends’ list, which will be displayed on your personal profile.

If they add you to their friends list mutually, you’ll also show up on their profile with your picture and all.

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Well is another option out there but it’s come to my conclusion that this website is not viable or beneficial to the average user for a number of reasons.

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  1. If you don't know the answers, get them from someone who does, like a trusted friend or your pediatrician. You can hear when your child's starting to tell jokes about sex or when attention to personal appearance is increasing.