Updating iphone on different computer

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Updating iphone on different computer

Google Photos has a cool feature that automatically uploads your photos to its servers, and you can tell it to clear all the photos on your camera roll once they’re backed up.

Do it ahead of time to save yourself the headache of frantically deleting stuff.

We reserve the right to edit questions for grammar, spelling, and length. She cannot update the i OS version and she has no backup for the content (mostly photos, email and songs). I am happy to have her use my Mac Book running the latest version of i Tunes, but I am worried that if I connect her to my Mac it will overwrite her data and substitute mine.

Is there a way to sync her i Pad and retain her data?

If the device is not already configured to make backups to i Cloud, then i Tunes will make an initial backup automatically as soon as you complete the setup assistant.

If the device normally backs up to i Cloud but you want to also make a local backup, you force one manually simply by right-clicking on it in the Since you’re planning a major i OS update, it’s probably a good idea to make this additional manual backup even if your girlfriend is also backing up her device to i Cloud.

Apps and purchased media content can be transferred into your library using the Since your girlfriend has never synced her i Pad with an i Tunes library, it’s a safe assumption that she has no music or other media content from anywhere other than the i Tunes Store, so i Tunes’ own Transfer Purchases feature should suffice in this case.

You can make your old i Phone (and i Pad) feel new again by updating to i OS 11.

When I choose to install a new version of i OS on my device via i Tunes, the installation file is huge (e.g. Where does i Tunes save this file, and does it get deleted after the installation is done?

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Submit your questions for consideration using our Ask i Lounge Submit Form. She loves it but she does’t have a computer to synch with which creates some problems.

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